Will Nott is a London musician who mainly plays folk music. His most popular song, "Hide You Far Away," was featured in the 2011 romantic/comedy, "The Decoy Bride."

Will Nott
Name William Nott
Hometown London
Age Unknown
Musical Style Folk Music
Albums He does not currently have any albums, however his most popular EPs are "Hide You Far Away," and "Won't Go Back."
Family Unknown

Background and Musical Career Edit

Will Nott is a singer and songwriter and plays his music at restaurants, pubs, the 12 Bar, the radio, including Cafe Nero and Warwick, and for movie soundtracks. He preformed his EP, "Won't Go Back," for Bristol Couch. He was accompanied by Ollie Clark.

Songs and Albums Edit

Currently, Will Nott has several EP's, and many live performances. These include:

  • Won't Go Back
  • Hide You Far Away
  • Love My Home
  • Thames Will Flow
  • Love Still Remains
  • Home
  • 60 Years

He created a music video to go along with his song, "Won't Go Back." His song was also featured in the 2013 movie, "Having You."

"Hide You Far Away," was also featured in the 2011 movie, "The Decoy Bride."

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Will Nott~ Hide You Far Away-0

Will Nott~ Hide You Far Away-0

Won't Go Back

Won't Go Back

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