The Sunshine Bed and Breakfast is the only bed and breakfast on Hegg. It is run by Isaebelle NicAoidh and has 3 stars.


Background Edit

Isaebelle NicAoidh lives at the B&B along with her daughter Katie, who recently returned to Hegg. Paperazzo, Marco Bellani also stayed at the B&B when trying to capture photos from Lara Tyler and James Arber's wedding.

Menu Edit

The B&B serves both a traditional Scottish breakfast and a Metropolitan breakfast.

Traditional Breakfast: Edit

  • Beans

Metropolitan Breakfast: Edit

  • Bread Roll
  • Bitabix
  • Snickers bar

Trivia Edit

  • When James and Lara arrived in Hegg, undercover as marketeers, Isaebelle told Katie to lie to them that the B&B had five stars but two of them fell off.


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