Name Suzelle
Portrayed by Alisha Bailey
Occupation Beautician
Status Alive
Family Unknown

Suzelle, played by Alisha Bailey, is one of the beauticians that works for actress Lara Tyler. Her boss is Lara's agent, Steve Korbitz.

Background Edit

She, along with Anais Anais, helped beautify Katie to become a decoy bride. Suzelle tries putting toilet cleaner in Katie's hair, telling her, "it's just like bleach really; it'll make your hair lighter."

Later, when Lara spots Marco Bellani and runs away, Suzelle helps Anais Anais search Hegg for her.

Trivia Edit

  • When Suzelle and Anais Anais are scouring Hegg for Lara, Steve tells them to hurry up the search or they will have to spent time in the San Quentin Nail Bar.

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