Katie is an island native of Hegg, and the only unmarried woman on it. She is played by actress Kelly Macdonald. She is also the author of the "Official Guide-book to Hegg".

Name Katie NicAoidh
Portrayed by Kelly MacDonald
Occupation Author
Status Alive
Family James Arber (husband)

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  • "A guidebook to here? Don't be mad. 'Come see our disused toilet that may or may not be haunted by the ghost of a drowned cow.'"
  • "This is where you tell me I'm just one chapter, not a whole book."
  • "I suppose it could be worse. I could be trapped inside Stephen King's honeymoon. Although apparently, he's a nice guy."
  • "Did you sign the register?"
  • "I think in all the fuss I might've signed my own name."
  • "Even the Vikings never showed the slightest interest in us. [the island of Hegg]"
  • "I'm like Kryptonite to men. Kryptonite dipped in cellulite."
  • "Nobody's going to buy a guidebook to Hegg unless it's cheaper than our toilet paper."
  • She could stand on a hedgehog-which would be good actually.

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